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It’s all about me!

I got my first camera at 10 - a Brownie 127 - still have it and it still works!

I trained as an engineer - then saw the light and exposed myself to a career in photography. I spent many years hiding in the darkroom enhancing and printing photographs. Colour and Black & White.

Now in the digital age I can do so much more and I don't miss the smell! Although nothing will replace the 'magic' of images appearing in what appears to be a tray of water.

Most of my own photography is inspired by Nature. Our natural environment needs protecting. If my photographs make someone appreciate what we have a little bit more then I’m well rewarded. And if someone appreciates and enjoys my printed images that is an added bonus. The icing on top is when someone purchases one (or more!) of my prints.

Photography for me is my relaxation technique. The view through the camera becomes my focus for a while and lets me shut out the cluttered world we live in.

Cheers, Derek.

Photo taken by Anne on the Routeburn Track.